Ye hae aw these gorge soaps and nae where tae pit them, this is ideal fer storin' yer soap. Filled wi  a choice o'pennies, floo'ers, charms, shells, gems, confetti or just a colour o' yer choosin'. Stick yer wee soap beauties in here n' show them off tae all folk usin yer bog. If there is nought there and ye hae an idea aboot wit ye want in yer soap dish gie us a shout n' we'll see wit we can dae.


Tak advantage o' the offer n' get yer free soap. Select which soap ye want tae pit in yer dish.



You have all these gorgeous handmade soaps, where do you store them? Well, this soap dish is ideal for showing off your soaps. Filled with pennies, rose petals ,charms, shelsl, gems, confetti or a colour of your choice. If there is something you would like within the soap dish which has not been mentioned, get in touch with us and we will see what we can do!



Take advantage of the current offer and get a free soap with each soap dish order. Select which soap you would like for your soap dish.

Soap Dish (Various Designs)


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