It's like marmite, some folk love it, some folk hate it. The reek o' cinnamon is like the bakery selling the birly cakes, it is Auld Lang Syne time, it is like sniffin' a tree n' hopin' no one sees ye or clypes on ye for dain' that. If ye like that kinda stuff this soaps for ye, n what's for ye winnae go by ye.



This soap is like marmite; you either love it or hate it. The aroma of cinnamon is a smell associated with a bakery making cinnamon whirls,  it is the smell of Christmas time and the woody smell of tree bark. If you love the smell of cinnamon this soap is for you, don't let it pass you by.

Guid Reek - Wholesale

  • Packaging 

    All soaps are supplied in shrink wrap and labelled under the Bubble Trouble brand.


    All purchases shall be shipped in parcels to ensure that your product arrives with you undamaged.


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