Tis the season tae be jolly n' all that, in preperation for the bevvyin' festivities and present givin', we are offerin ye this gift pack that has 4 soap cubes in it, ideal for someone wantin more than just one soap, and wants tae test oot different scents, or ye dae ken wit they like, get them this mix and they canny complain! 



Tis the season to be jolly, fala la la laaaa la la la la! In preperation for the festivities and gift giving season we have a fantastic gift set that includes 4 soap cubes, ideal for someone who wants a variety of scents in their life! 

Gift Pack - 4 soap cubes

SKU: BT100
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  • All soaps are supplied in shrink wrap and labelled under the Bubble Trouble brand.


    All purchases shall be shipped in parcels to ensure that your product arrives with you undamaged.

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