Here at Bubble Trouble we gie it laldie. We want ye tae be fair chuffed wi' the soap we mak n' help ye get the bowfin mankiness off yer body so ye smell pure dead brilliant.

Our aim is to make hunners o' soap bars that are guid on yer hooter n' to have a laugh dain' it.

We like to have a blether wi' oor customers and fellow soapers through oor Instagram account and Pusjotter accounts, so feel free to gie us yer views or just come for a wee chinwag, we ain't crabbit!


Here at Bubble Trouble we give everything we have got. We want you to be happy with the soap we produce and help keep you clean so you smell amazing.

Our aim is to make hundreds of soap bars that smell good and we want to have fun in the process.

We like interacting with our customers and fellow soapers alike through our Instagram account and Facebook account, so please come and give us a review or just have a chat with us, we are a friendly bunch!

All translations from Scots dialect to English at bottom of page!

Due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, we are currently not trading. Please check back at a later date. Thanks for your continued support

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