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We are a clan fae the Borders n' that's were oor business is run fae. We mak guid lookin' soap right in the hert o' the Borders.


Usin' melt n' pour techniques we create pure unique products that are a guid laugh tae show aff n' wash yer coupon wi.

We also dae custom soaps so if there is nought in oor store that gets ye goin', get yer finger oot n' tell us what yer afte



We are a local, family run artisan soap company based in the heart of the Scottish Borders.

Using melt and pour soap techniques we create unique products that are as fun to display as they are to use.

We also do custom orders, so if there is nothing that takes your fancy in our store please get in touch to let us know what design you are after.

How Bubble Trouble Soap started

Read aboot how we started 

soap makin', on a day when the weather was pish n' kids were bored, by clicking oan the link below.



Read our story on how we started the soap making journey one rainy afternoon when the kids wanted something new to do, by clicking the link below.



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